Rain Sings、リリース!Rain Sings is Out Now!!

Hello guys:)

This time, my 9th track has been released!

タイトルは、"Masaru Hinaiji feat. Angel Falls - Rain Sings "です!
The title is "Masaru Hinaiji feat. Angel Falls - Rain Sings ".

You can listen to this track on YouTube here.

Masaru Hinaiji feat. Angel Falls - Rain Sings (Original Mix)

This time, the remix is trury great! This is it.

Masaru Hinaiji feat. Angel Falls - Rain Sings (Lanx (CN) Remix)

This is the lyics.
When I'm alone I feel that rain sings.
Someday sad tears will, disappear.
I think about the fact that it's not a shame to cry.
Tears cleanse the soul and broken heart.
There's a storm inside.
And I don't wanna let it in I know that love brings the rain.
Let your love rain down on me Every day and night.
I'm just waiting for your sign But now...
Let the tears rain down over me Let rain fall down.
Let it sing... The story of my heart.

You can download from here.

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I will wat for your support.
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This track has already been streamed on some radio programs.

それでは、これからも音楽を楽しんで参りますので、よろしくお願いいたしますm(_ _)m
I will enjoy my music from now on too.
Thank you very much!