Soaring Petalのフィードバック The feedback of "Soaring Petal"

Hello guys!

今月リリースされた"Soaring Petal"、凄く良い結果です。
My track, "Soarin Petal" released this month from Pulsar Recordings had left great result.
This time, I will write the feedback on this place.

複数の番組に自分のSoaring Petalがミックスされました。
そして、Dicover Trance Radioでも、流していただけたものもありました。(実際自分でも聞けました)
Firstly, I will introduce radios mixed "Soaring Petal" that I had confirmed now.

These are here.

HIGHER GROUND EP.002(powered by Phoenix Trance Promotions)
47分くらいに、Soaring Petal(Etamin Remix)が流れます。
"Soaring Petal(Etamin Remix) is played at around 47 min".

Trance On Fire 205 Lost Ghost
Played at number 2.

Mehdi Bey - Massive Sound Of Algeria 106
このミックスはDiscover Trance Radioでも放送されました。
This mix have streamed on Discover Trance Radio.
Played at number 1.

Dr Riddle - Mysterious Station 081
このミックもDiscover Trance Radioでも放送されました。
This mix have streamed on Discover Trance Radio too.
Played at number 20.

Discover Trance Radioと申しましたが、もしかしたら他のラジオストリーミングサイトでも再生されたかもしれません。
However, I had said "Discover Trance Radio", "Soaring Petal" may have been streamed on other radio shows.

次に、"Soaring Petal"をサポート、ダウンロード等をして頂けた方々をご紹介させていただきます。
Next, I will introduce the people who have supported and had downloaded this track.
Firstly, the people who had supported.

There are too many people, so I can't the all DJs...

Akku, Andrea Mezza, Crystal Clouds, Ikerya Project, Indayo, Lisa Trance Divine , M.I.K.E,
Matt Paul, Mehdi Bey,Myk Bee, Mysterious Station, Ozzy Xpm, Steven White, Tero A, THE WIZARD DK,
Trance Jimmy,Trance UK, Alex John, Andy W, CASW!, Curtis & Craig, Dan Delaforce, Danny Grunow,
DJ 9Axis,DJ Aramis, DJ Bluespark, DJ Bryant, DJ DFx, DJ Javs, DJ Pusher, DJ Snake D, DjYf, EL-Jay,
Gate Of Paradise, Giuseppe Ottaviani, J.Host, Joe Max, Johnny L, Mind2damax (Reviewer), Overload Radio,
Pure Trance Tallent (Richard Gough), Stephen Campbell, Taylor D, The Jammer, Trance For Friends,
Trancendances, Type41, V Sessions Worldwide, Vital Tunez, Westerman & Oostink, Wolvy etc...

This track had followed by such many people.

Next the people who had listened, but not downloaded.
I will introduce a part of them.

Above The Clouds, Ahmed Romel, Akira Kayosa, Andrew Rayel, Bjorn Akesson, Chapter XJ, Mike Sanders,
Myon & Shane 54, Super8 & Tab, TrancEye etc...

I am very happy for listend by such big DJs:D

Lastly, the people who had downloaded, but not left feedback.
Armin van Buuren, ASKII, Roger Shah etc...

I'm truly happy for downloaded by the top DJ of the world.

以上が今回の"Soaring Petal"のフィードバックとなります。
That's all.
Also well‐received on Youtube and SoundCloud.
Please listen my track, "Soaring Petal" again:)

Masaru - Soaring Petal(Original Mix)

Masaru - Soaring Petal(Etamin Remix)

それでは、これからも音楽楽しんでいこうと思いますので、よろしくお願いいたしますm(_ _)m
Thank you for reading to the last:D
I will continue enjoyin music from now on too.
Kind Regards.